Folfox Chemotherapy

As cancer is becoming a very rampant disease brought by the lifestyle and daily habits of individuals, certain treatments are now being developed due to the advancements of technology so as to aid in the treatment of this disease. One such treatment is called folfox chemotherapy. This treatment is being characterized by the use of a number of drugs including a combination of Folinic Acid, Oxaliplatin and Fluorouracil. These drugs go hand in hand to fight against the cancer cells being developed in the body. One consequence of this is that it may also bring high temperature in a person. Oftentimes, it is the case that folfox chemotherapy is being used for the treatment of cancer of the colon.

It is called FOLFOX Therapy simply because it is consist of a number of drugs namely: 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU), leucovorin (FA, LV), and oxaliplatin (Eloxatin). Having this combination, the side effects that a person may experience is also subjective and also dependent on the amount of drug’s use and the health of the person. Similar to other treatments, folfox chemotherapy is provided through the injection of an IV drip into the arm or in some cases, it can be directly connected to the chest specifically in its one large vein through a central line. The only negative effect of the latter is its requirement of having the central line placed from the pre-treatment up until the completion of all treatments.

Considering the capability of this treatment, certain considerations are given to one’s gender, weight and the response of cancer to it. This will primarily determine how an individual can eventually respond to the treatment and how the body usually reacts to it. For most cases, folfox chemotherapy is given in cycles for two weeks which includes 12 treatments.

Folfox Chemotherapy side effects may include a decrease in the white blood cells which have its direct implication in the immune system of the body which causes the body to become very weak and unable to protect itself from illnesses. Other side effects of folfox chemotherapy may include sore throat, cough, aches in the body (i.e. muscles and head), pain in urinating and feeling of coldness and shivering.

Aside from white blood cells, folfox chemotherapy side effects also include the reduction in the red blood cell count. As for this, there had been a direct effect on being tired and breathless which are linked to having an anemia. This may even trigger the need for blood transfusion so as to sustain the red blood cells for it to function normally. Aside from these, there is also the decrease in platelets which may further cause easy bleeding of gums when brushing, as well as the presence of tiny red spots or bruises in arms or legs commonly called as petechia.

It is then a folfox chemotherapy protocol to follow strictly the guidelines that the doctor has prescribed for folfox chemotherapy can drain the energy in one’s body and make you feel too ill for a period of time. This then poses the need to ensure that one takes care of his own health and body through proper nutrition and healthy habits and lifestyle.

It is also a part of this folfox chemotherapy protocol on how one should be mindful of his food intake. This is brought by the reality that there are special food that are necessary for people so that they can support their treatment. However, it serves as a challenge since it is very common that loss of appetite will be experienced during the treatment and that this may even have its own implications to the patient’s feeling of helplessness and depression.

It is recommended for an individual to have more intakes of foods rich in carbohydrate and sugar so as to effectively regulate the flow of energy throughout the body. Contrary to this, proteins should be taken in moderation or in small amounts as the body can experience a harder time to digest these foods. It is then a folfox chemotherapy protocol to intake a lot of liquid or powdered meal for easy absorption of the body. One should also take note that there are also those food substances that have its implications to increase cancer cells. However, the list pertaining to this is still in trial stage and as such cannot still be released for such purposes.

It can then be said that an individual can actually do his own initiative to try different foods that will boost his energy with the thought in mind that he should be mindful of the contents of whatever is being taken into the body. There should also be proper practice and habits so as to assist the body in restoring its energy through the food that we eat. In addition, one should also not forget the importance of water since it helps in the absorption of nutrients by the body. Certainly, more healthy diet like those that are plant-based will certainly make a difference.

Certainly folfox chemotherapy success rate is dependent and subjective to the ability of the body to respond quickly as well as the actions that a person does to fully combat this sickness. Common folfox chemotherapy success rate can only be evident upon six months after the completion of the treatment. One just needs to do his own part in addition to doctor’s advice so as to overcome this challenge..